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What’s wrong with this picture?

Depends on your point of view. What I see is a 21st Century couple a 21st Century couple in America, and a growing segment of the population.  It’s a timely manifestation that ‘variety is the spice of life.’

This poster image is from the movie, THE WORDS. It is not a movie about an interracial couple, and the racial difference of the man and wife is never even hinted at.

That’s because race is not relevant to this story about a young struggling writer who publishes someone else’s novel as his own. This image, that may or may not offend some readers and/or movie viewers, was not pulled out of  the air, some fantasy visual technique of the director.  But it is a fair and accurate suggestion of what America is really becoming. Not just Black or white, but also what we use to refer to as ‘other’, as the 21st Century produces biracial children who are the future of the nation.

Our national and racial history may always raise its ugly head but history always gives way to the future. We’re already there. There are lots of familiar factors that can’t be ignored when couples meet: opposites attracting, biases dropping away, circumstances and chance, like, lust, and falling in love.

A movie’s primary purpose is first and foremost to entertain.  It can also be a statement about society that the writers, directors, actors turn on its head.

Mix it up. Be unpredictable.  Like real life.


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