A Jazz Musician Tells Stories With Sax

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                           Listening To Jazz Musician Eric Alexander

Eric AlexanderI watched as Eric played, his features changing with each effort of blowing, and with every sound emitting as music from the bell of his saxophone. He worked his fingers on the keys, and closed his eyes as emotion swept over him. That was the private part of being a musician that’s his alone, but Eric Alexander was also playing in a small club filled with attentive listeners, nodding their heads and tapping their feet, experiencing  what his music gave them. It occurred to me that playing the sax was no different than my using the pen or keyboard as a tool to get out the words of my stories.  Eric tells stories with his music…and we feel it.  Long before I ever knew about Eric Alexander I wrote SOUTHERN COMFORT where Lucas, my hero, used his sax to say the things that were in his heart when words were not enough.

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