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Significant Others

With her youthful appearance and light skin, African American high school counselor Patricia knows how it feels to be an outsider in her own world. Her racial identity has always been questioned because she also appears white, making it difficult for Patricia to be accepted for who she is rather than for what she looks like. So when a biracial fifteen-year-old boy becomes the target of neighborhood bullies, she's determined to help him.

One of New York's most successful men, Morgan Baxter feels totally at home in a corporate boardroom. But being a single father to a troubled teenager is a far more daunting challenge. Patricia Gilbert seems to understand his son—and him. As Morgan and Patricia start seeing each other, he has no idea where the three of them are headed.
With insight and sensitivity, Sandra Kitt gives us a passionate and thought-provoking novel about family, race, identity, and romantic love.